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The rise in Shoplifting and the Importance of Stocktaking

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In the past year, incidents of shoplifting across the UK have shot up by a massive 25%, with leading retailers including The Co-operative reporting a loss of £33m in stock across the first six months of 2023. Shoplifting has always been a big concern for retailers; after all, you can’t sell stock that you simply […]

Three Festive Predictions for Businesses in 2022

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Historically for most retailers, Christmas has been what it’s all about!  Months and months gearing up towards the busiest time of year with so many of us heading to the shops or scouring the internet for that perfect present. 2021 saw one of the biggest festive spends in history – a perfect storm of Christmas […]

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before your Next Stocktake

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Stocktaking is so much more than simply totting up what you’ve got sitting in your stock room.  Done properly, an effective stocktake can provide an incredibly valuable snapshot of your business at a point in time.  This snapshot can then inform your commercial decisions going forward, helping you keep tight control over your bottom line: more important […]

Can (and should) you carry out your own stocktake?

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Whether through human error, shoplifting or employee theft, any stock loss will always have a significant impact on your bottom line.  It can be easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed at trying to protect your business from the impact of something that has so many variables too – will you ever be able to reduce that stock […]

The Cost of Living Crisis and the Rise of Shoplifting – How to Protect your Business in 2022  

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Shoplifting already costs retailers some £2.5. billion each and every year – a combination of stock loss, paying for enhanced security and prosecuting offenders. And of course, during times of economic downturn shoplifting increases spectacularly. In fact during the last quarter, retailers are reporting anecdotally that shoplifting rates are ‘off the charts’.   Just because shop […]